Simple Tips for Caring For Your Headsets

Let’s face it- with your school-age children home all day, every day, it’s hard enough to get them to keep their rooms clean, let alone properly care for their distance learning headsets. But if you’re like most parents, you’re not made out of money- if you’ve invested in a great distance learning headset for your student, you want to make sure he or she gets as much use out of it as possible before it needs to be replaced. Here are some easy tips for proper care of your distance learning headset.

Take Care of the Cord
It’s easy for the USB cable on your child’s distance learning headset to find its way under the rolling wheels of an office chair, get squeezed between the wall and the desk, or even get sucked up by the vacuum cleaner! Since cord damage is usually one of the main causes of malfunction in a headset, it’s critical that you and your child take good care of it. This means bundling the cord carefully when it is not in use, and making sure that it stays off the floor at all times.

Keep it Clean
One of the best things about distance learning is also one of the worst- your kids have greater access to snacks than they normally do at school! This could mean that your child’s distance learning headset often finds itself in the danger zone when it comes to sticky apple juice, cracker crumbs, or peanut-butter fingerprints. Keeping your distance learning headset clean is easy to do- all it takes is a damp cloth with a little mild dish soap, and you can make sure it stays clean and in good working order. (It may also be a good idea to limit snacks and lunches around your young students’ learning areas.)

Avoid the Drop Zone
All kids drop things- it’s a fact of life. Whether they’re accidentally sending their cup flying across the room (hence the sticky apple juice mentioned above) or shattering the screen on your tablet, into every young life, a little “oops” must fall. You can minimize the damage incurred by the frequent dropping of your distance learning headset by making sure your child’s workstation is situated in a carpeted area, with a nice plushy rug to break its fall. Not only will you be able to extend the life of your headset, but you’ll also likely save a bundle on the laptop itself!

As we’re all continuing to navigate the uncharted waters of distance learning as best we can, it’s important to accept that accidents happen. However, by following these tips, you can do your best to extend the life of your child’s distance learning headset, saving you time, money, and a lot of headaches down the road!