Teachers’ Top Choices for School Classroom Headphones

As education technology, or edutech, continues to bring immersive, personalized learning experiences to the classroom, it’s important for teachers to ensure that their students have the right equipment to access the resources that are available to them in the classroom. 

Using headphones or headsets for school classrooms is not only essential for participation and engagement when using edutech, but it can also be a practical and affordable way to minimize background noise and distractions, allowing for clearer focus and better concentration. 

Here are our top three most-recommended school headphones and headsets by K-12 teachers and administrators across the country.

AVID AE-36 Classroom Stereo Headset

Who says learning can’t be enjoyable? Available in a wide range of fun colors,the AVID AE-36 school headset is compatible with various computers and tablets, including Chromebooks, eliminating the need for additional attachments. With the convenience of a single jack for both the headset and speaker, they are also lightweight and portable. Plus, their superior sound quality enables students to easily follow along with interactive apps, audiobooks, games, or other educational aids.

Cyber Acoustics AC-6012 USB Stereo Headset

In addition to being comfortable to wear all day, this headset is durable enough to be used in a classroom setting with multiple students. It has a padded headband and padded earphones. A great choice for students of all ages, the surface is easy to clean and sanitize, and the volume control can be easily located and adjusted.


Soundnetic SN250M Disposable Stereo Bulk School Headsets

The Soundnetic disposable headset is feather-light, affordable and ideal for adhering to cleaning and sanitation standards. Since the headsets are designed for personal use, teachers don’t have to worry about cleaning and sanitizing a class set of shared-use headsets between uses since they are designed for personal use. Stereo speakers enhance sound quality for virtually any classroom application. Best of all, this headset can be used with a variety of different devices such as tablets, phones, and computers.

These days, school headphones and headsets can be found at just about any price point, style and size, ensuring the right fit for every use. In addition to making edutech programs accessible for every student in class, headphones can be a great solution for helping to minimize distractions and background noise, providing superior focus and concentration for students. When shopping for headphones or headsets for classroom lessons, testing, homework, and more, be sure to check out these top three choices.