Here’s How to Store and Charge Your Classroom Headphones

As technology continues to become more widely used in K-12 schools, the need for safe and effective storage solutions also grows. Chromebook charging carts and other secure storage options are becoming more and more commonplace in a typical American classroom. However, storing Chromebooks, laptops and tablets is just one piece of the puzzle. Other types of school technology equipment also need to be properly stored in a way that helps prevent theft, damage and other calamities that could shorten their lifespan in the classroom. Here are a few ways savvy elementary, middle and high school teachers are storing their headphones, headsets, earbuds and more. 

Storage bags – Many classrooms assign a pair of headphones to each student to use throughout the year. Using storage bags is a great way to keep the headphones organized,  prevent them from getting lost, and eliminate shared equipment concerns. Write student names on clear, resealable bags with a Sharpie pen on so that students can identify which headphones are theirs. Use colored bags to assign headphones to different classes or classrooms.

Headphones storage casesHeadphone storage cases are a good option if you want to keep your headphones secured and organized as a class set or designated for specific labs, stations or curriculum. There are a variety of headphones class packs that include both the headphones and a case or storage bag, so you can find everything for your classroom at once. 

Headphones storage racksHeadphones storage racks are a good option if you have a lot of headphones that need to be stored. These racks can be placed in a classroom, library, or computer lab. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits the space you have available. Purchasing a few tension bars (designed to hold shower curtains) and placing them inside a closet provides an inexpensive alternative to headphones storage racks.

School earbud storage– Individual school earbud cases are a good option for students who want to keep their earbuds safe and organized. Storing large quantities of earbuds in some type of case can lead to tangled cords and valuable time wasted detangling them. For classroom storage of earbuds, install hooks or a bar to hang earbuds, or use of small resealable plastic bags to store student earbuds with their name written on the bag with a Sharpie pen.

All Charged Up!

In addition to safely storing your classroom technology equipment, another thing to consider is how you can keep them charged and ready to go between uses. When it comes to wireless Bluetooth headphones and headsets, it’s essential to ensure a full charge when they are ready to be used. Here are some of the ways you can help keep your listening devices fully charged.

USB charging – Many headphones come with a USB cable that can be used to charge them. You can plug the cable into a USB port on a computer or wall outlet. A device charging cart, cabinet or station, or rolling charge stand can double as a USB charger for headphones.

Wireless charging – Some devices come with a wireless charging dock. You can place the headphones on the dock and they will automatically begin charging.

Solar charging – Some electronics come with solar panels that can be used to charge them. You can place the headphones in direct sunlight and they will start charging.

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Skip Storage and Charging With a Single-Use Solution

If you’re limited on storage space and don’t have a need for wireless headphones or headsets, you can cut down on the headaches of storing and charging your listening devices by opting for disposable headphones or headsets. Despite their name, these headphones can be used multiple times by a single user, but are far less expensive than their more permanent counterparts. Disposable headphones are perfect for school testing and other listening activities that require headphones. Plus, if a student loses their pair, they are so affordable it’s easy to simply hand out a fresh pair of disposable earbuds!

By knowing how to properly store and organize your headphones, earbuds and more, you can increase the amount of listening-based activities you do with your class, which can lead to a fun and interactive learning environment where everybody learns something new!