How Can Headphones Help with Distance Learning?

2020 saw a huge increase in the number of children learning from home. While many of these children are back in person for the 2021-2022 school year, some discovered that online learning better fit their needs and opted to continue attending school on a remote basis. Additionally, as the intensity of the pandemic continues to wax and wane in the U.S.,  many school districts are preparing for quick pivots in case they need to quickly return to distance learning in the future. Regardless of whether a child is currently participating in an online learning program, it’s important to have distance learning headsets for each child. Keep reading to learn how headphones can help with distance learning.

Noise Canceling

We tend to think of our homes as safe-havens. After all, they reflect our personalities and our needs, but they can also make for a less than ideal learning environment. Think of how much noise is produced in your home or neighborhood on a regular basis. Dogs bark, family members wash the dishes and talk, small children play, etc. These noises can quickly pull children out of learning mode, causing them to become distracted and tune out their lessons. When children use children’s headsets, they are able to cancel out these background noises as the ear pads are specially designed to create a seal on the ear to ensure kids receive the best auditory experience.

More Engaged

Because headphones cancel out background noises, students are better able to stay engaged with their lessons. In fact, some students have found that listening to music while studying can actually increase their retention of the topic at hand. When students don’t need to compete with miscellaneous background noise, they’re able to focus more on learning, asking their teacher questions about the subject matter and retain more of the lesson’s information well after it’s ended due to the ideal learning environment headphones allows them to create. Furthermore, mics on headsets allow clear communication between students and teachers, meaning difficult concepts are more likely to be explained.


Classrooms aren’t known for being the most comfortable spaces. The chairs are often hard and desk space can be limited. This can create an uncomfortable environment many children simply can’t work in. When working from home, children tend to have a much more comfortable learning environment, sitting on a comfortable chair with an adequate amount of space for books, supplies, etc. Children’s headsets are crafted with children in mind, often featuring extra padding and comfortable ear muffs that make children want to wear them all day long. Finally, children’s headsets also usually feature volume control, protecting children’s hearing to create a comfortable learning environment.

Choosing a distance-learning headset can feel overwhelming with the number of models on the market; however, they can facilitate a better learning experience for both children and their instructors by canceling out background noise, allowing children to become more engaged with their lessons, and providing all day comfort to ensure children learn as much as possible. If you need help selecting the right distance learning headset, please contact us today!