How Distance Learning Can Be Just as Valuable as In-Person Learning

Now that the world is finally going back to normal after the pandemic, a lot of teachers, parents, and school boards have made the push to bring students back to the classroom. But what about those children and teenagers who got more out of online learning? 

Distance learning actually works better for some. In this article, we’re going to lay out a few of the top benefits of an online learning environment and show that it’s just as valuable as in-person, traditional learning.

1) Distance Learning Grants Flexibility and Accessibility

As long as the student has an internet connection and the right device, they can attend the virtual classroom. There’s no need for the child to hop on a bus or get a ride from mom and dad, which benefits children and parents that have transportation challenges.

And the lessons can be pre-recorded, meaning the student has the flexibility to watch the lecture at other times, and all of their coursework and textbooks are available digitally. 

2) Online Learning can be More Engaging with Less Distractions

We all know how distracting a classroom can get it. Students are chatting and/or goofing around. Other teachers and faculty knocking on the door. The hallway gets noisy as another class goes to the gym or another part of the school. Distance learning removes a lot of those distractions.

For one, the student can set up a nice, quiet work area in their room or another area of the house. And secondly, they can be provided with the right tools and equipment that help keep focus, like a good pair of quality distance learning headsets like the HamiltonBuhl Smart Trek headsets.

3) Distance Learning Offers a Customizable Education Experience

Distance learning offers a wide array of tools not available in the classroom and allows teachers to meet each students’ unique learning requirements and match their level of ability. With online classrooms, there’s access to eBooks, videos, games, music and audio files, forums, chatrooms, video calls, and more.

Since ALL of it is available at all times, this gives educators the opportunity to create highly-specific, custom-made lesson plans for each as the semester goes on.

4) Distance Learning is More Cost-Effective

It saves money for the schools and teachers because there’s less investment in things like physical books (that wear quickly). There’s also the reduced electricity and energy costs from running the building and buses. And then students and teachers don’t need to spend on materials for class like note cards, pencils, paper, and more. The overall cost is lower for everyone involved.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic showed distance learning has its place. But the key to making it successful is having the right tools and equipment. Click here to learn more about distance learning headsets.