Important Features of Headsets for Younger Students

If you’re a teacher in the primary grades, you know just how important it is to keep your students focused, engaged, and interested in their lessons. Teachers across the country are incorporating multisensory, interactive learning experiences into lesson plans and report an increase in focus, comprehension, and engagement among their Pre-K-2 students.

In order to keep those young minds busy and help them get excited and interested in their interactive lessons, it’s important to make sure you have the right equipment. By purchasing remote learning headsets for younger students for use either in the classroom or for at-home practice, you can be sure that your young learners have headphones designed for their unique needs. Here are some of the most essential features of headsets designed just for little ears.

Volume Control

Children’s ears are much more sensitive than adults, and it’s critical to protect their hearing and keep them from increasing the volume to dangerous listening levels. Headsets designed expressly for younger listeners, like the AVID Education AE-25 Early Learner Headsets with Safe Volume, provide a safer listening environment with speakers built to keep sound levels below 85 decibels, which is the recommended limit for young children. 


Young students are far less likely to keep their headsets on during a lesson if they don’t like the way they feel. Keeping this in mind, the AE-25 Early Learner headsets are designed with comfort as a top priority. These lightweight headsets feature soft, padded construction to minimize fidgeting and give young ears a soft, cushiony feel for listening during lessons.


It’s no secret that small children can have a big appetite for destruction! Thankfully the AE-25 Early Learner headset is built to last, with improved strain relief to help protect against damage to the wires and cable due to pulling or stress caused by busy little fingers. Additionally, the proprietary SideKick microphone is designed to clip neatly into the headband clip when not in use, protecting it from tampering and damage. The included travel pouch also helps keep the headset protected when not in use.

Our youngest learners can benefit just as much from interactive, multisensory lessons as their older counterparts, but it’s critical that they have the right equipment to make their experience safe and enjoyable. By investing in a class set of high-quality remote learning headsets for younger students like the AVID Education AE-25 Early Learner Headsets with Safe Volume, you can provide your small scholars with the tools they need to succeed!