Can Distance Learning Headsets Be Used for Gaming?

Parents and children alike will be happy to hear that the distance learning headsets purchased during the height of the pandemic can be used for more than just school. Thanks to a lot of shared features and similarities, these headsets can also be used to improve both the learning experience and the child’s entertainment. 

By using the headsets for multiple purposes, you can invest in a quality pair and be confident they will serve well in both cases. At the same time, you’ll be saving money because you don’t need to purchase multiple pairs. For the best choice, you’ll want headsets that use a 3.5mm jack for use with Xbox or Playstation (Bluetooth works too). However, USB will be perfect if your child is a PC gamer.

In this article, we will look at how remote learning headsets can be used for gaming and why you don’t need to rush out to your nearest electronics store or Amazon to buy new ones if your kid already has a pair laying around. 

They Have a Microphone to Chat With Teammates and Opponents

One of the key features headsets bring to the table is the ability to chat with other players while gaming. Since distance learning headsets have mics so your child can speak with their teacher via video chat, they can serve the same function when hooked up to a Playstation. If we look at models like the AVID AE-75, it features an optimally positioned boom mic that cancels out excess noise for clear audio. Overall, the ability to chat with friends (or foes) inside the game makes everything more enjoyable.

They’re Designed to be Comfortable during Long-Term Use

When classes were held over Zoom and other online video platforms, the headsets needed to be designed with the idea that children would need to wear them for a few hours at a time. The most crucial component is the ear cushions– manufacturers pay special care to the type of padding and form. Headsets like Andrea Communications NC-255VM feature extra-thick, plush padding that fits nicely on the ear. Some gaming sessions can go on for hours, so it’s fantastic that remote learning and gaming headsets share this quality.

They’re Optimized for Concentration

Another benefit of education headsets is they’re optimized to help the student concentrate. That includes features such as enhanced sound quality and noise cancellation. This quality is especially important in multiplayer games where complete focus is needed to get the edge over the competition and score the victory. The Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 offers top-quality sound for full immersion. While it might be difficult to get your kid off the game to do chores, they’ll be able to enjoy their video games to the fullest. 

We’re glad kids are back in the classroom but don’t ditch those distance learning headsets just yet! Make sure your child knows that these headsets are perfect for gaming, listening to music, and so much more!