Keep Distance Learning Headsets Functioning All Year Long With These 3 Tips

Back at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when you bought your child a distance learning headset to help with the transition to remote school, you probably never imagined that they would need to use them for just about the entire 2020-2021 school year! Then when schools finally re-opened their doors, you were happy to see that your investment was still paying off, when your child was able to continue using their distance learning headphones/headsets for school classrooms both for homework and for in-school use.

But now that summer vacation is here, are you worried that the headset you bought will sit idle for the better part of three months, gathering dust until the start of the new school year? We’ve got some great news for you — it doesn’t have to!

Here are three tips for making sure your child gets the most out of their distance learning headsets all year long.

Gaming Gear

Are you the proud parent of a little gamer? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that most distance learning headsets that were purchased for school use can double as gaming headsets. It’s true- virtually any headset with a USB or TRRS plug, or a wireless Bluetooth headset, is compatible with most major gaming consoles, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One. The headset’s attached microphone is ideal for online gameplay, allowing players to communicate with friends during an intense Fortnite battle or Rocket League match. If you’ve got your child’s distance learning headset stored with their other school supplies, break it out and hand it over for summer gaming fun!

YouTube Euphoria

Whether your kids or teens love watching YouTube videos or actually creating them themselves, a distance learning headset can go a long way toward enhancing their viewing or recording experience. Let’s face it, some YouTube videos can be quite loud and distracting for anyone else in the house. A headset is the perfect way to contain that noise for the viewer’s listening pleasure only…which means peace and quiet for Mom and Dad!

A distance learning headset can also aid in the recording of YouTube videos. Numerous kids and teens now have their own YouTube channels, allowing them to get creative and produce their own content featuring their interests and hobbies. Since distance learning headsets can double as regular headsets for computer use, they can help minimize distractions and background noise while recording, making them your little YouTuber’s favorite accessory!

Music Makers

Does your child play a musical instrument? Certain electronic instruments like digital pianos and electronic drum sets include headphone jacks, which allow budding musicians to hear themselves play without distracting or disturbing other members of the household. Before Junior’s next drum solo, bust out his distance learning headset and congratulate yourself on a nice quiet house!

Distance learning headsets have so many more capabilities than you originally imagined possible. When you see all the different possible returns on your headset investment, you’ll be thrilled that you made the purchase!