Many Distance Learning Headsets are Being Used as Call Center Headsets During the Pandemic

As Call Centers Enhance Employee Safety, Many are Turning to Distance Learning Headsets

Distance learning is a term with which we have all become very familiar in the past few months. But it is nothing new. For at least 20 years, students of all ages have had capabilities to take classes online and through multiple video platforms. In order to succeed in these classes, it is important to create an atmosphere that makes the online student experience comparable to one in the classroom. Many students turn to headsets specifically made for their experience, enabling them to listen to their teachers and fellow students as clearly as if they were in the classroom.

As call centers find themselves in a similar situation, sending employees home, working in the office at reduced capacities, and enhancing sanitation protocols, they have turned to using similar equipment to meet their needs. Employee needs in each call center may vary, but they all have a need for quality headsets. The right headset will sit comfortably during an eight-hour shift and will provide adjustable volume controls, ensuring that the client services representative can hear each customer regardless of how loudly or softly they speak.

Employees who do work at home also need quality headsets that are compatible with laptops. Proper noise reduction will help filter out some of the sounds of a home office from the neighbor mowing the lawn to kids who mistakenly enter the office during a call. Certain features of equipment make set up in the home office easy, so employees can still do their jobs as efficiently as though they were working on site. These include the ability to plug a headset into multiple ports and compatibility with a variety of software programs.

For call center employees who don’t have the option of working from home, their work station may need to be cleaned more often. Some may share their desk with others who are working different shifts, making it necessary for each employee to have their own headset. Distance learning headsets are easy to buy in bulk, and they are durable, holding up to frequent cleaning. Utilizing this option is a cost-effective way for a company to keep its employees safe during the pandemic. Enhancing sanitation protocols can help increase employees’ perceptions of safety and ease their minds about returning to the office, especially when working in a position that makes it difficult to wear a face mask.

Even post-pandemic, keeping headsets clean and offering separate sets to individual employees can also help reduce sick time during regular cold and flu seasons. While the needs of students and people who work at call centers may not seem directly comparable, the right headset can help both them both to function in their roles more effectively.