What Are the Best Distance Learning Headsets?

As we face uncertainty of what school may look like this fall, it’s important to prepare yourself and your child for the possibility of starting the school year off from home via distance learning. Since the COVID-19 shutdowns closed schools across America and the world earlier this year, many children and teens found themselves navigating the uncharted and often tricky waters of distance learning.

This was also a stressful time for parents having to adapt to their child’s new distance-learning schedule while also conducting their jobs from a safe distance via telecommuting. This often meant parents and multiple children at home together trying to concentrate on office work and schoolwork simultaneously- a pretty major feat!

This year, a number of school districts still have yet to make the call whether students can expect to resume classes in-person, or whether distance learning will once again be in effect. However, this school year, you can take steps to ensure that your child will be able to participate in distance learning without losing concentration or becoming distracted thanks to a very simple and cost-effective solution: distance learning headsets!

If you’re ready to invest in a headset to optimize your child’s remote learning experience, here are some of our top picks.


With a reinforced volume control connection, these earbuds are much sturdier than typical school headphones at a similar affordable price. Your student can easily control volume while attending meetings, listening to lectures, and more! Each earbud includes three sets of interchangeable ear tips for a custom fit.

E1 distance learning headsets

Looking for great earbuds on a budget? You can’t go wrong with these! Made by classic school headphones company Califone, these disposable earbuds carry the brand’s signature mark of quality and performance at the unbelievable price of just $1.99 per set! At those prices, you can easily purchase several sets of these disposable school headphones for each of your kids, in case one gets lost.

HA2 Distance Learning Headset

For younger learners (or kids who just don’t like having things in their ears) these over-the-ear distance learning headsets provide comfort and quality. Featuring high-quality sound and a lightweight, comfortable fit, these are ideal school headphones for just about any student who is learning from home!

It’s a new normal for all of us- but learning remotely doesn’t have to be a struggle for students or parents! Having the right equipment, like these comfortable and affordable distance learning headsets, makes the remote learning experience more pleasant and comfortable for everyone involved. By investing in a distance learning headset for your student, you can make sure your child can achieve higher level of concentration- and a lower level of frustration- that will be a great thing for everyone in the household.