Pro Tips For Distance Learning Via a Headset

Last school year, the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for children to safely attend class in person, with many school districts operating on either a full remote or hybrid learning model for much of the year.

This year, we’ll be welcoming students back to school for a learning experience that looks much more like what we are all used to. This is welcome news for many parents and students who found distance learning to be extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible. 

Though the general consensus was that children’s school performance suffered due to the lack of in-person instruction, a percentage of students noted that they actually preferred remote learning to attending school in person. A number of schools across the country have listened to this feedback and made the decision to continue offering remote learning as an option for those who wish to attend school from a distance. If you’re the parent of one of these kids, you’ll want to take a look at these pro tips to maximize their success for the upcoming school year. 

Get a Good Headset That Fits– If your student doesn’t yet have a headset to use for distance learning, now is a good time to invest in one! Headsets can help children concentrate better on the task at hand, minimizing distractions such as background noise and increasing focus on what is being said by teachers or in an educational video or software program. Selecting a headset that fits your student comfortably will go a long way toward ensuring maximum focus on lessons.

It’s All About the Mic– By providing your child with a headset that is equipped with a mic, like these Chromebook headphones with microphone, you are ensuring that they can both listen and respond effectively in live lessons as well as when using computer programs that require voice response. The microphone sharpens the clarity of what your child is saying when asking or responding to a question, making the experience much more impactful.

Create a Workspace– Your child will do best with remote learning if they are able to use a dedicated space for their studies. Their workspace should be in a part of the house that is quiet and free from distractions. Minimize clutter by organizing your child’s supplies into easily-accessible bins and drawers so that they have a clean, open space in which to do their work. Get input from your student on how they would like their workspace to look so that they can be the happiest and most comfortable. You’ll be amazed how quickly your child’s desk turns into their “happy place!”

2020 showed us that distance learning is something that can be accomplished by teachers, parents, and students as a workaround for the traditional education model. If your student thrived during distance learning and wants to make it permanent, follow these tips for a successful school year ahead!