What Makes For a Good Distance Learning Headset?

As we head into the 2021-22 school year, parents, teachers, and students are likely all breathing a collective sigh of relief that school is going to look a lot more normal this year.

However, with the latest surge in COVID-19 cases in areas with low vaccination and high transmission rates, we are all too aware that we many not be completely out of the woods just yet, and it’s essential that we are all prepared to- here’s that word again- PIVOT to a hybrid or remote learning model once more.

On the other hand, some students found a silver lining in their quarantine experience, discovering that distance learning was the best fit for their personality and educational needs, and some schools are supporting those students’ wishes to continue attending class on an exclusively remote basis.

No matter the case, we have all learned a thing or two about distance learning, and will take those lessons with us so we can be ready for whatever this pandemic may throw at us next. One thing we discovered was that certain equipment- namely distance learning headsets– truly make all the difference between an experience that’s productive and pleasant and one that’s…not so much. Here are some of the top qualities you should look for in a good distance learning headset for your student at home.



Kids are sort of famous for being hard on possessions, so a nice rugged distance learning headset that can withstand all kinds of abuse is ideal, particularly for younger learners. We like theCalifone 2800 BL-AV Listening First Stereo Headset with a permanently attached 5.5′ straight cord with reinforced “strain” relief connection that resists accidental pull out and flexible electret microphone.



It’s not always easy to find great sound quality at a low price, but Soundnetic has quickly earned a reputation for budget-friendly, quality headsets. Their SN305M stereo earbuds with inline microphone and volume control are comfortable, highly compatible, and very compact…and offer a  jaw-dropping price of just $2.05 per set!





In order to provide a truly distraction-free environment, good distance learning headsets need two things:


excellent sound quality and superior noise-cancellation capabilities. The T-PRO TRRS headset by HamiltonBuhl has both- along with a noise-canceling microphone that removes background distractions for other classroom participants when a student is speaking.

Of course, we’re all rooting for a school year free from any pandemic-related disruptions, but distance learning headsets are bound to come in handy for homework assignments, snow days, and extracurricular activities. We hope this school year is your best one ever!