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Headphones are Helping Online Learning Programs Stay in Business: Here’s How

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  At the height of the pandemic, for better or for worse, all learning was online learning. Due to COVID-19 shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders, schools across the country closed their doors and students and educators had to pivot to a remote learning model. In addition to the remote education provided by school districts, a number ….  Read More

Keep Distance Learning Headsets Functioning All Year Long With These 3 Tips

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Back at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when you bought your child a distance learning headset to help with the transition to remote school, you probably never imagined that they would need to use them for just about the entire 2020-2021 school year! Then when schools finally re-opened their doors, you were happy to ….  Read More

Important Features of Headsets for Younger Students

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If you’re a teacher in the primary grades, you know just how important it is to keep your students focused, engaged, and interested in their lessons. Teachers across the country are incorporating multisensory, interactive learning experiences into lesson plans and report an increase in focus, comprehension, and engagement among their Pre-K-2 students. In order to ….  Read More

How Distance Learning Can Be Just as Valuable as In-Person Learning

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Now that the world is finally going back to normal after the pandemic, a lot of teachers, parents, and school boards have made the push to bring students back to the classroom. But what about those children and teenagers who got more out of online learning?  Distance learning actually works better for some. In this ….  Read More

Effective ways of school testing with the right distance learning headphones/headset

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With testing standards being so important to each child’s educational future, it’s important to make their environment as test-friendly as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by ensuring students have access to quality distance learning headsets (these headphones aren’t limited to distance learning either; the right headphones can be used in ….  Read More

Stay Sane While Working at Home with Disposable Headphones

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We’ll be honest, working from home can be extremely distracting, especially when you go from working in the environment you’re accustomed to, like the office or classroom, to your noisy home. From family members who think that working from home means they can talk to you non-stop to neighbors’ animals causing an infinite number of ….  Read More

Keep Your Headsets Working for Years with These Cleaning Tips

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Distance learning headsets are an excellent tool for receiving a quality education no matter where the student is; however, headphones’ nooks and crannies can become a hotbed for germs and bacteria. Improperly cleaned headphones can lead to an increased risk of ear infections as well as poor sound quality. So, what is the proper way ….  Read More